Monday, May 14, 2007

Blackberry 8830 Impressions

I am fortunate to already have a Blackberry 8830 in my hands. I got it late Friday as a demo device from our Verizon rep.

After a couple of days of use, here are my thoughts so far.

Survived 4 ft drop, came apart but no scratches or cracks or anything
The phone is slick, almost dropped it several times
Love the track pad, almost natural now after only a few days.
Screen is awesome, better than 8703
Don't like the pouch, wish it had a holster or open pouch
Solid feeling, like the form factor
The keyboard is weird. The keys are recessed or something. Harder to type than 8703
Can use it well it either hand with track pad
I like that it has a built in spellchecker

Apps that run with no problem so far.
Idokorro Mobile Admin (best app evr for BB, I use it every day)
Pocketday from

There is a new theme that looks like a Today screen. I still like pocketday for instant weather info.

I'll have it for about a week, I'll post any other thoughts about it.

That's it, my first blog!

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