Monday, February 25, 2008

Domino on Virtuozzo?

I am looking at putting our mail server on Virtuozzo and can't find any documents to encourage or discourage this idea. I am planning on running some tests of Domino on a physical box and virtuozzo and get some performance stats. I am also looking at the difference between local storage and iscsi storage performance.

I plan on using domino.load for this, any other tools that I should be using to test Domino performance?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Office 2007 support in Lotus Symphony?

What the hell? I had heard at an IBM event that Notes 8.01 would include a version of Symphony that would support Office 2007 files. Well I just downloaded 8.01 and installed it and no dice.

We were waiting for 8.01 to do a roll-out and not buy Office 2007. Oh well, time to re-think this strategy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well I said I was going to blog about my DVR's and I never have. Well there will more to this post in the future but for now check out the software I use. go over to and check out Beyond TV and Beyond TV link, this is the software I have been using for the last 5 years and love it.

Like I said, more to come with systems specs, how the house is wired and how I distribute video through-out the house.

Sheffler Ham

Did you grow up or live in Akron Ohio at any time? Do you remember Sheffler Meats and the famous Sheffler Ham? Winner of several National and State Competitions?

If you do, you are probably sad that Sheffler Meats is no longer in business.

I have good news! The Sausage Shoppe now makes and sells Sheffler ham!

Check it out and while you are there look at all our other all natural products. No MSG, No Additives, and never any fillers.

For example, our German Weiners (hot dogs) are simply this. Beef, Pork, Water, Spices. That's it. Try one, they speak for themselves.

Family Business

I just realized I've never plugged the family business. Check out The Sausage Shoppe! My dad has worked at th Shoppe since he was 15, for the last 48 years.

We are located in Cleveland Ohio and do not ship due to current inter-state meat shipment laws.

Our food is good, damn good. In fact it is so good we have been in several magazines, The Wall Street Journal, The Food Network, The Travel Channel and more.

For our most recent airing check out this Link. It's from the Travel Channel show "Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations."

Thank You, Anthony and Michael!

Who Knew?

I didn't know. My sister in law has a blog.
It's all about my brother and his wife and the juggling act they are going through to adopt 2 infants. Good news though, Guatemala is almost done and by May they should be bringing the little guy home. China on the other hand, looks to be about 2 years behind schedule.

We can't wait to see the little guy. Al and Wendy have gone through hell and back with all the paperwork and delays.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Which conference to attend?

There are several conference's I would like to attend this year. Problem is how do you decide which one to go to? I could probably get work to pay for 1 this year.
I really wanted to go to SQL Connections, but after looking at the sessions I don't think it's a good fit.
Win Connections looks great this year and I am excited about all the new server 2008 stuff.
We are looking for a new phone system, so I almost think I should go back to Voicecon next month. They have a great session on Microsoft OCS vs. Lotus Sametime, that would be interesting to see.
I am quickly becoming the Domino guy, so admin2008 looks good to me as well.

Any advise? Does anybody even read this?

Monday, February 11, 2008


So I signed up for this twitter thing today. I was trying to make a post tonight from my pearl and could not. I figured what good is this thing if I cant post what I am doing now!

Well it turns out, that it was a Blackberry service outage! RIM stop it with the outages!

Disney Podcast guy is a Domino guy!

I just found out that the host of one of my favorite Disney Podcast's is also a Lotus Domino guy! Van over at is also a Lotus Domino guy. How cool is that?

If you're looking for a good humored Disney Podcast check it out over at

Rock On!

Pearl Update

I still love this phone, mostly for the small form factor and the media capabilities. The camera is ok, but way too slow to get any pics of the kids on recent trip to Disney World. Good thing we took our Sony DSLR with us, my wife and I took over 2,000 pics in a week!

A new year, a new post?

Wow, looks like I haven't updated this is like 3 months. I just signed up for twitter today, it's kinda neat but I am not sure how much I will really use it.