Monday, February 25, 2008

Domino on Virtuozzo?

I am looking at putting our mail server on Virtuozzo and can't find any documents to encourage or discourage this idea. I am planning on running some tests of Domino on a physical box and virtuozzo and get some performance stats. I am also looking at the difference between local storage and iscsi storage performance.

I plan on using domino.load for this, any other tools that I should be using to test Domino performance?


clouddeck said...

Did Domino on virtuozzo work for you? Any problems?

Unknown said...

Yes, Domino is working great on Virtuozzo! We run our mail server and sametime on one 1 virtuozzo box.

Virtuozzo support is great if you don't have to talk to them. Just sumbit your support problem online and give them remote access. Much easier.