Monday, March 17, 2008

Installing Server 2008

I am finally getting around to setting up a replacement domain controller. I decided to install server 2008 and have the latest and greatest. So far I have a couple of issues.
1. No Dell OpenManage for Server 2008 - not a big deal.
2. Can't install SQL 2000 on Server 2008. This is used by our BES server and I am not paying to upgrade to SQL 2005. I bet I could convert this box to my new Virtuozzo box without any problems. hmmm. When I get the new hardware I will try it out. The cost of another Server license is surely less than a SQL License. Or is it?

Besides, so far so good.

I think it's funny that Server 2008 was released as Server 2008 with SP1. But whatever, so far it works.

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CiscoServerGeek said...

Not sure if you found it yet, but we released OM 5.4 couple of days ago with Windows Server 2008 support.

Here's a link to my work blog about it -->

Would also be great to have you as part of the Dell TechCenter Community.

- Scott
Dell Enterprise Technology Center