Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been awhile

To say the least we have been slammed at work the last few months. Here is what I have been doing.
1. Implementing new accounting system. Includes new Server with SQL, which is new to us
2. Terminal server - required for accounting system. New to us as well as it's Server 2008
3. New server for posdata powertrack. New tool tracking software, includes new scanner guns as well.
4. New DC, server 2008 as well.
5. New version of our estimating software Accubid 9, on the TS as well
6. 65 new PC's and LCD's
7. Tripling our internet bandwidth
8. Hiring and firing 2 temps then finding a 16 year old that knows more than both of them
9. Just went to Kansas City for a day to research new video conferencing system
10. Planning a trip to Denver to replace and upgrade their server

Well that's work.

Home has been crazy as well.

We have been working on the basement. I am finishing about 1000 sq ft, basically by myself. My dad has been making some long weekend visits to help me, but it's mostly on me.

We are finishing 2 rooms and a full bathroom.
Room1 is a 400 sq ft Craft / Bedroom
Room 2 is ~600 sq ft Family / Home theater room

So I have been busy busy busy lately.

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John Lockie said...

Accubid in TS, what a pain.

We are running Accubid 8 and Citrix PS4 without problems for a long time now, but in our new PS4.5 farm no luck, and especially bad luck with v9 of Accubid!!! :(

Good luck to you.