Friday, June 13, 2008

Terminal Server 2008 RemoteApp issues

We have deployed a Windows 2008 Terminal Server and have been using the RemoteApps via MSI's to deploy our accubid estimating system and remote access to our new accounting system.

Problem 1. File association
When you create an MSI file for a remote app there is an option to create file association's for the application. It works for most apps, but does not work for out Estimating software, Accubid.

How to fix it? Not sure yet.

Problem 2. Spanning Monitors.
When you create an MSI file to install remote apps, it creates an RDP file. By default it sets it to span the monitors. This is driving some of my users crazy.

How to fix it?

When you install the MSI file, it puts the RDP files in c:\program files\remotepackages\ edit the RDP file a text editor. Change the following line.

span monitors:i:1

to the following

span monitors:i:0 that's a zero

This will force the remote app to open only on 1 monitor.

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Rick said...

Hello Dennis,

I have setup a few 2008 Remote App TS servers without issue. I have an app that is two windows that I have to locked down to one monitor with span monitors:i:0, my question if you know... can you toggle this from the primary to second secondary monitor?