Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hell has frozen over

I love Mac's. Everytime someone at works asks what kind of computer to buy for home I tell them a Mac. They never listen, but whatever. (FYI: at work, we are all Dell. From the servers to the printers.)

Tonight I was trying to do something so simple. Download pictures from my camera and email them to my dad to show him the flooding in the basement.

So I have a Mac and iPhoto and they are great, usually. I use thunderbird for mail because I don't like the mac mail app. I import the pictures to iphoto and try to email them. The only options are mac mail and entourage. So i am screwed. I try to resize them to send via thunderbird, can't remember how, or figure out how to find the pictures.

So I have an idea.

Fire up a Windows XP box via VMware Fusion, download and install picasa, copy the 4 pictures to the vmware machine and send them With picasa via gmail.

Wow that was easy and fast.

How can iPhoto be so bad? When is apple going to wise-up and add more mail client options?

This is bad, hell has frozen over. I am using Picasa on windows, on a mac, to manage and send pictures. So much for the mac being good at that anymore.

Maybe i'm tired or maybe i am just used to the windows world. I've had a mac for 6 years and have always loved them. This seemed so simple, but yet it wasn't.

Oh and Apple, iWeb sucks.