Sunday, October 26, 2008

My blackberry killed my iMac

I plugged my curve into the iMac tonight to transfer some pictures from the farm. Once I did that and clicked on the disk, my iMac just turned off. Just black screen turned off. I have never seen this before on the iMac.

I had a bunch of apps open so I am not sure if one of them caused it or not. I had open at least the following; firefox, thunderbird, iphoto, word and itunes.

I give the mac props for turning back on and working just fine. No blue screen, no repairing windows, etc... It just reboots and works. Unlike my new Vista work laptop that blue screened shortly after I took it out of the box.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New MacBooks - Boring

The new macbooks have been out for a few weeks now and I am not impressed. I was really hoping for an $800 macbook. No luck with that. I am disappointed with apple on several items.
  • No firewire - who ever used it? I did for firewire target mode. It's an awesome feature, look it up.
  • Only 2 USB ports. Seriously? Give me at least 4 of them. The 2 are so close together that once you stick a USB aircard in you can't use a jump drive. Stupid Apple. At least put them on the opposite sides, or around the corner or something.
  • No eSATA - Come on Apple, you take away firewire and replace it with nothing. Why not add a single eSATA port. I would be thrilled with 3gb/sec transfer speeds for time machine. Not the 400mb/sec of usb 2.0
The new 24" LED desplay is awesome. It is pure genius on Apple's part and is the closest thing to a docking station I've ever seen from Apple. Problem though, it costs about$500 too much.

Oh well, I probably won't buy an Apple laptop ever anyways. They are too expensive and really dont give you much for the money.

I would buy one in a heartbeat if Apple could figure this one thing out. How to sync iPhoto libraries between the macbook and my iMac.

You see, we like to go on vacation and we typically go to Disney World. While there we average 200 or so pictures a day. We are always trying to get that perfect picture so snap away. I just dump them on my work laptop and then when we get home I transfer them all the iMac with the hopes that we will purge the bad ones at some point. Well we never do.

If would be awesome if Apple could figure out how to sync the iPhoto and maybe iTunes libraries so we could do the following.
  • Add pictures to selected librares
  • Edit pictures, crop, rotate, red eye - all the basic stuff
  • Delete bad pictures
  • Add captions
  • Start calendars, books, etc.
  • Come home, sync the libraries with the iMac
  • Finish all of the above on the iMac
  • Maybe sync them back to the macbook, would that even be needed?
I know when we get home from vacation the last thing on our minds is photo management. It's usually things like; laundry, clean the house, kids school schedules, work meetings, etc... With this solution we could start on it before we even get home.

Test from bb

Which blog will this post to?

Cell phone cameras

I guess they just suck. The camera on my blackberry pearl was really slow. The camera on my blackberry curve is a little better. My wife has the new 3 Jesus phone so I thought I would give that a try. It's pretty bad as well, the camera is very laggy and slow to capture the picture. Notice the blurry legs in the picture to the right. She is just kicking too fast for the camera to take a decent picture.

In fact the whole iphone seems slow to me. Like switching from portrait to landscape mode in the browser takes way too long.

Hopefully the camera in the new blackberry storm will be much better. It is 3.2 megapixel at least.

New website and blogging

Well I wanted to create a new domain and start blogging more about tech. So here it is The family website is still at

I looked at a couple of options but I really like the blogger system.

I bought the new domain name right from the blogger interface. It goes through and only costs $10 for a year. I really like how buying the domain from google automatically sets it up for google services. So, with only a few clicks I bought a domain, setup a blog and got gmail setup for I was impressed.

So, I hope to blog about all kinds of tech here. HTPC's, Cell Phones, Server 2008, terminal server, Domino, etc...