Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jealous of a Nextel?

Here it is. Our first Nextel Blackberry 8350i. I am jealous for just a few reasons, here they are.
  • Wi-Fi - I love it, it connected and works great. Why can't Verizon enable wifi on the curve?
  • OS 4.6 this is the first device i've used with OS 4.6 I like it alot and it seems really smooth on the curve
  • GPS - unlocked, nice. Why verizon, why can't you do this?
Do you love the high quality photo? It's from my Verizon Curve. Man that camera sucks.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 x 1tb drives in raid 5 = 730gb ?

On black Friday I bought 4 (four) 1 TB drives for my HTPC setup. My motherboard supports raid and has 4 sata channels on it. I figured I would use raid 5 and get about 3tb usable on it.

As it turns out the raid controller only support volumes up to 2tb. So the 730gb that showed up is what was left over from the 2TB limit.

Now I am wondering what to do in order to use the drives effectively. I currently have them setup in Raid 1+0 and have about 1.8tb usable of disk space. This doesn't sound too bad except for the fact is that I have about 1.5tb of data currently, so this doesn't gain me much. But the box is wicked fast.

This was supposed to be 1 box that would be my main HTPC server as well as a NAS for the rest of the computers in the house. Also I wanted to move my iTunes and iPhotos labriares off of the mac and onto something else. The mac is almost full and I wanted the music centrally located so I can play it from Sagetv.

So I guess I could run 3 drives in raid 5 and get 1.8tb for storage and then a single drive for TV shows. Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe not watch so much TV? Maybe a drobo? Maybe unraid?

ININ Training Jan 12th-16th

I'll be attending the Interactive Intelligence Admin class the week of January 12th in Indianapolis. Anybody else going to be there?

BTW: ININ or I3, make a kickass VoIP phone system that we will be migrating too around march if all the pieces fall into place.

1 month with the Storm

I was lucky enough to get a Blackberry Storm on launch day. Actually our Verizon rep hand delivered it to on that friday. After a month with it, I put it in my drawer on Thursday and went back to my Blackberry curve.

I'll keep the storm and see how it is when the next software release comes out. .75 helped a lot but it needs more help. The phone was often sluggish and non-responsive from time to time.

Sometimes the keyboard rocked and I got every letter right, and then some day's the keyboard sucked so bad I had to type in suretype mode to get anything done.

My most important app, Mobile Admin from rove mobile doesn't work very well with the storm. I noticed alot of apps were not updated to take advantage of the new OS. Which was to be expected this early on.

The Curve with OS 4.5 seems to be the best blackberry right now from Verizon. I've owned every model Blackberry that verizon carries and the Curve with 4.5 is a great combo.

The thing I loved the most about the storm was VZ Navigator. The bigger screen along with the faster processor and real GPS make it much better than the Curve version.

I was really hoping that this could be my 1 device to carry all the time. But I am seriously considering an iPhone for personal use. My wife has one and the browser blows the storm out of the water. I can't tell you how many errors I got on the storm saying "This page is too big" cannot be loaded on this browser. The iPhone just rocks in this respect.

Any questions? leave me a comment.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My 4yr old and Technology

Andrew will be 4 next week and I just noticed a few things.
1. He knows how to pause and start shows on my HTPC. I don't think i showed him how, so I am not sure how he figured it out. But I am impressed.
2. He's asking for HD. While watching mickey mouse clubhouse on the big screen he said "get rid of those black things on the side." I said I can't. He said why. I said we don't have HD satellite. He said, Get it!

I wonder if that will work with the wife? Our 4 yr old said he wanted HD for his birthday. Nah, I don't think that will work.

Blackberry Storm

I got a Storm on launch day and have been using it since then. It's ok for the most part but it was driving me nuts yesterday. I think I will go back to my Curve until they can make the OS better. And yes I have the updated .75 OS already.

Hopefully sometime soon I can do a comparison to the iPhone since we have one at the house.

Oh and the digital camera still sucks on the Storm, it takes way to long to take a picture.