Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 x 1tb drives in raid 5 = 730gb ?

On black Friday I bought 4 (four) 1 TB drives for my HTPC setup. My motherboard supports raid and has 4 sata channels on it. I figured I would use raid 5 and get about 3tb usable on it.

As it turns out the raid controller only support volumes up to 2tb. So the 730gb that showed up is what was left over from the 2TB limit.

Now I am wondering what to do in order to use the drives effectively. I currently have them setup in Raid 1+0 and have about 1.8tb usable of disk space. This doesn't sound too bad except for the fact is that I have about 1.5tb of data currently, so this doesn't gain me much. But the box is wicked fast.

This was supposed to be 1 box that would be my main HTPC server as well as a NAS for the rest of the computers in the house. Also I wanted to move my iTunes and iPhotos labriares off of the mac and onto something else. The mac is almost full and I wanted the music centrally located so I can play it from Sagetv.

So I guess I could run 3 drives in raid 5 and get 1.8tb for storage and then a single drive for TV shows. Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe not watch so much TV? Maybe a drobo? Maybe unraid?

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