Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trying to find a network provider to do it all.

We are currently looking for a new network provider that can provide the following.

1. MPLS Network between 3 sites
2. Internet Access at all 3 sites
3. SIP trunking for Local and LD in MO, IL and CO
4. Remote access to the MPLS Cloud
5. Network based firewall
6. Network based Content Filtering
7. Carrier provided and managed routers
8. Certified on the I3 phone system for Local SIP
9. No customer provided firewalls / routers / content filtering boxes

So far, not 1 carrier can do it all.

Does anybody know of a carrier that can do all this?

Global Crossing looks really good to me but they do not have a network based firewall product.

Nobody has network based content filtering, this just seems like a no brainer to me. Why would you not want this?

Do most people just bring all Internet traffic back to one location and run content filtering there? Do companies just using proxy based filtering like websense? There just seems to be too many holes in proxy based filtering.

Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dear President Obama

It's only been a week and I don't agree with anything you have done so far.

If you want to do something right, switch back to Lotus Domino for your email servers. If you want to make it even more secure run it on an iSeries.

Just a thought.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Verizon should sue the US Government

If they really delay the Digital TV transition by 4 months. Verizon bought the 700mhz spectrum to run LTE on. LTE is Long Term Evolution which is a new high speed cellular network.

Verizon is in the testing stages and was hoping to roll it out late this year or so I hear.

So if the government delays the transition this will probably delay LTE.

I am very excited about LTE. LTE promises 50 mb downloads and 25 mb uploads, over a cellular data card. That is some awesome speed over an aircard.

I can't wait for these since it will make my life a lot easier as a sys admin with lots of mobile jobsites / users.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Windows 7, it works great so far

I've heard a lot of really good stuff about windows 7 and decided to give it a shot.

I downloaded the 64 bit version and installed it on a new hard drive in my laptop. The install took maybe 20 minutes start to finish. Wicked fact install for 3gb iso.

It found my wireless card and all the other devices except network cards. I installed the dell connection manager and after that it found my broadcom nic, verizon wireless card and modem.

It still needs drivers for the fingerprint reader, SM bus controller and 1 unknown device. I haven't look yet, but I am sure I can resolve those issues.

So far I like it. It's fast, everything is fast. No waiting for windows no spinning circles of death.

Then again, the only loaded on it, is the base install, windows updates, Lotus Notes 8.5 and firefox. I am actually using IE8 right now. So far it works ok.

I downloaded and installed Google Chrome and it came up with some compatibility issues but it did open and run.

Installed Firefox 3.05 with no issues

Installed new version of skype, says it has known compatibility issues. But seems to work just fine.

Here are the specs on the machine I am running it on.
Dell Latitude E6500
  • Core 2 Duo 2.8ghz
  • 4gb ram
  • 250gb hard drive
  • Intel 5300 wifi card
  • Broadcom internal NIC
  • Backlit keyboard
  • DVD burner
  • Nvidia 110 video card

A another week with the Storm, back in the drawer it goes

So I decided to give the storm another shot. The first part of the week it seemed to pretty well with a few little problems. I installed .86 and it got 10 times worse. It is sluggish all the time, the keyboard doesn't work right, etc...

I need a phone that works and works fast when I need it to. So back to the curve I go again. Not really complaining since I really like the curve.

The Storm has a lot of potential but the software is still way too buggy for me.

I3 Class Roundup

Well my laptop crashed on me this week so I didn't get to update day 4 and 5 sooner.

Day 4 we covered the following
  • Interaction Attendant and Labs
  • System Configuration and Labs
  • Overview of Supervisor

Day 5

We had a 3 hour lab exercise that covered all the basics we covered over the week.

Overall the class was good, a little too basic and a little too slow moving for me. I definitely think they could have given us more material or maybe even some more labs.

Indy is pretty boring in the winter, so it would have been nice to stay later and do more labs.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Is really buggy, am finding out.

I am not sure what is going on, but for some reason when I type really fast is launches the menu function and usually sends an incomplete email. It's extremley frustrating.

Also it seems like when I plug the phone in to charge it is really slow or non-responsive for awhile.

It just seems very buggy to me. I am upgrading to .86 and see if that helps at all.

I3 Admin Class Day 2 and 3

The class is moving along just.

Day 2 we covered the following
People Containers
Role Containers
Workgroup Containers

Day 3
ACD queues and how to weight them
A long lab on ACD queues
More labs
review of chapters

Day 3 was a little odd thanks to a snowstorm, we started a little late and left early to try and avoid traffic.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What is I3 and ININ?

I3 is Interactive Intelligence Inc. ININ is their stock symbol.

They make phone system software specializing in the call center arena. We are not using it in a call center environment but it IS infinitely customizable.

It is all IP based and will be using it all three offices, job sites and mobile workers. They don't sell phones, they support anything that runs SIP. We will be using Polycom 430 phones.

We looked at all the major vendors and this was by far the best solution for us. I can't wait till turn this up and start working with business processes.

I3 System Administration 3.0 - Day 1

I am here in wonderful cold, Indianapolis Indiana for a training class at Interactive Intelligence world headquarters.

I am taking the I3 System Administration 3.0 class. This is an introductory class all about the CIC and the Interactive Administrator. So let's go over some of the basics.

  • The training is located in Indy and the corporate location
  • The Office is incredible, this is what a corporate HQ is supposed to look like
  • The Training center is awesome. They have 3 classrooms, soda, chips and snacks, etc
  • The classrooms are fully equipped, each student has 2 servers and 3 phones each
The class
Today started out a little slow but once things got moving we got alot done today. Here are some highlights from today
  • The book is huge! It fills a 4" binder! If I flew I am not sure I would have room to take this home.
  • Ran through the setup wizard, setup the basics, loaded license's, etc
  • Built a Line, Line group and provisioned 2 phones
  • Tested it all out
  • Got a good lesson in SIP, codec's and standards
So far so good. On to day #2

Storm notes

Some more notes

Battery Life
  • Once it hit 30% it stayed there for about 4 more hours even though I was emailing and twittering on it. I guess it might be a pre-release issue
  • Portrait mode keeps bringing up the menu when I am typing and sending non complete emails. it is very frustrating
  • Landscape mode rocks. I rarely select the wrong letter.
  • You gotta use your thumbs and both hands, it works 10x better this way
  • I've noticed if the screen does not rotate just do this. Touch the screen, don't click it, just touch and it will rotate instantly.
  • Move /hide your icons - i've been way more productive by hiding 50% of the icons i never use. I even created a folder and moved some into it

Vlingo looks really cool and I thought it worked with the storm. It's part of the reason I switched back to the storm. It installs, but says it is not supported. I used it for a little bit and it made the LED turn bright red and made the phone really slow. I rebooted and uninstalled it.

Blackberry Storm - Round 2

I decided to give my Storm a second shot. I got a new OS (unofficial) of course and some new apps to try out.

So far here are some of my thoughts.
  • Wow, the screen is awesome. big and high res it's great when apps utilize it like vznav
  • nznav continues to impress me
  • since it has a real gps radio I can use the phone on speakerphone and continue to use vznav on the screen. Nice.
  • Battery life sucks. it was 100% thing morning, now 30% - i have been hammering on it all day
  • when the keyboard works it works awesome, when it doesn't i hate it
I've started to just hammer away on the keyboard and let spell check try and fix my bad typing. It works amazing well.

Twitteryberry works well but not in landscape mode

Talklock - a free app that locks the screen when on a call, is a must and works really well

So far that's my thoughts....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Domino 8.5 Document Compression

My mail file was about 1.9 gb. I converted it to the 8.5 template and turned on document compression. I compacted my database and saved 11% Not bad.

I guess this was introduced in 8.01 but wasn't aware of it.

Saving 11% of disk space with a click of a box. I wonder if exchange can do that. For free.

Domino 8.5 HF1 or HF2?

There is already an update available for 8.5 on fix central.

It says it is HF1, but yet when the server starts it says Domino 8.5 HF2, it also says HF2 in Domino admin.

No problems, just kinda odd.

Thanks to Ed Brill and IdoNotes for pointing out the fix already.

You can find it here.

Domino 8.5

8.5 came out yesterday and I downloaded it right away.

The IT staff was already working late for another project, so we decided to go ahead and upgrade the servers from 8.02 and 8.01 to 8.5

The mail and blackberry server upgraded just fine with no issues that we are aware of. One box is running on Virtuozzo and the other on VMWare.

Our sametime server is special. The OS is 64 bit server 2003, but I had to install Domino 32bit to get sametime to work. I forgot about this and installed the 64bit version of 8.5 and therefore broke sametime.

I tried several things late last night to get it to work and then I finally just restored that server from the night before.

So today I will have to upgrade that box to 8.5 and see how it goes.

I am excited about 8.5 especially ID vault. DAOS sounds awesome but since about half of our users have local mail files I am not sure how much value we will find with it. We will turn it on anyways and find out.

Macworld 2009 - blah

So the big keynote has come and gone and I think it was more of a let down than anything.

The one good thing is that itunes is finally DRM free. Now why do I have to pay more for it be DRM free? I am not sure, but it didn't cost much to upgrade my 85 songs to iTunes Plus.

Now I will actually be able to play the music I paid for on Sagetv setup in any room in the house.

I really wish apple would have released a home server, or even a mini tower of some kind. oh well.

I found a way to make time machine work with a windows network share so I will give that a shot and see if I can backup my mac to my server that way.

Another good thing about macworld is that IBM officially announced Lotus Notes 8.5

Friday, January 2, 2009


I listen to a ton of podcasts now. When I have listened to all the new ones on my iPod, I feel kinda bummed that I have to listen to the radio. Here is what I am currently listening to.

Disney Podcasts

The Cranky Geeks
Mac OS Ken
The Social Geeks
Windows Weekly
Realtime Community - Windows Server
Leo Laporte
Windows Week in Review

I think the December 25th episode of the DisUnplugged in the funniest episode ever.

Dell Mini 9 - a mini review

Size compared to an iPhone.

I am typing this on a Dell Mini 9. I think I love this thing.

We got this for work to try something new in the field, but I am playing, um evaluating it, first.

There was no option for WWAN when I ordered it but I figured I could add the mini-pci card after the fact. Well there is an area on the mobo that says WWAN, and there is a spot for the header, but no header on the mobo, what the hell?

I got it tethered to my curve via bluetooth and works really well for surfing the web.

We went out shopping yesterday for a new vacuum cleaner. We took the mini with us and my wife was reading reviews on amazon in Target while looking at models and pricing. After a while we found a better deal at wal-mart and went there to get it.

I just realized that there is an Amazon app for the iPhone. I just downloaded it and were reading reviews on it. Oh well the mini is still cool. Maybe we have too much tech in this household?

It is so small and light that we could take it in the store without feeling weird about it.

The keyboard is OK, not unbearable, but it works just fine.

Battery life is pretty good, I got a good 3 hours out of it yesterday while constantly surfing the web.

Overall, I love this thing. I might actually buy one for myself if it wasn't $650. I loaded this one up. You have to remember what this is and what it is intended for. It works awesome for that. Your not going to play games on it or write a novel, but it is great for web surfing.

Now if apple actually makes a bigger iPod Touch, I would have to rethink a netbook purchase.

My only complaint is charging it. The AC adapter has no light on it and the battery does not have a charge indicator. So the only way to know if it charging is too look at the front of it. Dell has spoiled me with the new D series chargers, they have a blue LED on the end that plugs into the laptop and the batteries have a button on them to see how charged they are.