Monday, January 12, 2009

Blackberry Storm - Round 2

I decided to give my Storm a second shot. I got a new OS (unofficial) of course and some new apps to try out.

So far here are some of my thoughts.
  • Wow, the screen is awesome. big and high res it's great when apps utilize it like vznav
  • nznav continues to impress me
  • since it has a real gps radio I can use the phone on speakerphone and continue to use vznav on the screen. Nice.
  • Battery life sucks. it was 100% thing morning, now 30% - i have been hammering on it all day
  • when the keyboard works it works awesome, when it doesn't i hate it
I've started to just hammer away on the keyboard and let spell check try and fix my bad typing. It works amazing well.

Twitteryberry works well but not in landscape mode

Talklock - a free app that locks the screen when on a call, is a must and works really well

So far that's my thoughts....

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