Friday, January 2, 2009

Dell Mini 9 - a mini review

Size compared to an iPhone.

I am typing this on a Dell Mini 9. I think I love this thing.

We got this for work to try something new in the field, but I am playing, um evaluating it, first.

There was no option for WWAN when I ordered it but I figured I could add the mini-pci card after the fact. Well there is an area on the mobo that says WWAN, and there is a spot for the header, but no header on the mobo, what the hell?

I got it tethered to my curve via bluetooth and works really well for surfing the web.

We went out shopping yesterday for a new vacuum cleaner. We took the mini with us and my wife was reading reviews on amazon in Target while looking at models and pricing. After a while we found a better deal at wal-mart and went there to get it.

I just realized that there is an Amazon app for the iPhone. I just downloaded it and were reading reviews on it. Oh well the mini is still cool. Maybe we have too much tech in this household?

It is so small and light that we could take it in the store without feeling weird about it.

The keyboard is OK, not unbearable, but it works just fine.

Battery life is pretty good, I got a good 3 hours out of it yesterday while constantly surfing the web.

Overall, I love this thing. I might actually buy one for myself if it wasn't $650. I loaded this one up. You have to remember what this is and what it is intended for. It works awesome for that. Your not going to play games on it or write a novel, but it is great for web surfing.

Now if apple actually makes a bigger iPod Touch, I would have to rethink a netbook purchase.

My only complaint is charging it. The AC adapter has no light on it and the battery does not have a charge indicator. So the only way to know if it charging is too look at the front of it. Dell has spoiled me with the new D series chargers, they have a blue LED on the end that plugs into the laptop and the batteries have a button on them to see how charged they are.

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