Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Domino 8.5

8.5 came out yesterday and I downloaded it right away.

The IT staff was already working late for another project, so we decided to go ahead and upgrade the servers from 8.02 and 8.01 to 8.5

The mail and blackberry server upgraded just fine with no issues that we are aware of. One box is running on Virtuozzo and the other on VMWare.

Our sametime server is special. The OS is 64 bit server 2003, but I had to install Domino 32bit to get sametime to work. I forgot about this and installed the 64bit version of 8.5 and therefore broke sametime.

I tried several things late last night to get it to work and then I finally just restored that server from the night before.

So today I will have to upgrade that box to 8.5 and see how it goes.

I am excited about 8.5 especially ID vault. DAOS sounds awesome but since about half of our users have local mail files I am not sure how much value we will find with it. We will turn it on anyways and find out.

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