Monday, January 12, 2009

I3 System Administration 3.0 - Day 1

I am here in wonderful cold, Indianapolis Indiana for a training class at Interactive Intelligence world headquarters.

I am taking the I3 System Administration 3.0 class. This is an introductory class all about the CIC and the Interactive Administrator. So let's go over some of the basics.

  • The training is located in Indy and the corporate location
  • The Office is incredible, this is what a corporate HQ is supposed to look like
  • The Training center is awesome. They have 3 classrooms, soda, chips and snacks, etc
  • The classrooms are fully equipped, each student has 2 servers and 3 phones each
The class
Today started out a little slow but once things got moving we got alot done today. Here are some highlights from today
  • The book is huge! It fills a 4" binder! If I flew I am not sure I would have room to take this home.
  • Ran through the setup wizard, setup the basics, loaded license's, etc
  • Built a Line, Line group and provisioned 2 phones
  • Tested it all out
  • Got a good lesson in SIP, codec's and standards
So far so good. On to day #2

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