Monday, January 12, 2009

Storm notes

Some more notes

Battery Life
  • Once it hit 30% it stayed there for about 4 more hours even though I was emailing and twittering on it. I guess it might be a pre-release issue
  • Portrait mode keeps bringing up the menu when I am typing and sending non complete emails. it is very frustrating
  • Landscape mode rocks. I rarely select the wrong letter.
  • You gotta use your thumbs and both hands, it works 10x better this way
  • I've noticed if the screen does not rotate just do this. Touch the screen, don't click it, just touch and it will rotate instantly.
  • Move /hide your icons - i've been way more productive by hiding 50% of the icons i never use. I even created a folder and moved some into it

Vlingo looks really cool and I thought it worked with the storm. It's part of the reason I switched back to the storm. It installs, but says it is not supported. I used it for a little bit and it made the LED turn bright red and made the phone really slow. I rebooted and uninstalled it.

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