Sunday, February 8, 2009

Storm with os .99

Last week I wiped my Storm and loaded OS 4.7.99, so far it's been good. No real problems with speed or being laggy. It did lock up the other day when I was trying to find the Illinois Emissions testing center. I was switching between the browser, VZnav and google maps, so I guess I can understand that.

At this rate I might keep it for more than a week before I go back to my Curve.

SageTV Setup

Here is my current setup for SageTV in the house.

  • SageTV 6.5.9
  • 4 x 1tb WD Green Power HD's in Raid 5
  • 3 gb ram
  • AMD x2 64bit 4400
  • ASUS Motherboard MVN-PV something
  • 2 X Hauppauge 2250 PCI-e tuners
  • Dvico USB Gold HD Tuner
  • Dish 322 and 625 Receivers
  • ComSkip
  • Sage Webserver
  • SageMC
  • other add-on's
  • 37" Philips LCD TV
  • SageTV HD-200 Extender
  • Cheap small DVD Player
Home Theater
see this post

Living Room
  • 26" Magnavox LCD TV/DVD combo
  • SageTV Client on Dell GX280 in basement, via S-video to an rf modulator, to channel 3, it works but I really need another HD-200
  • Snapstream Firefly remote
  • Funai VCR

Home Theater Pictures

Here are some pictures on the home theater and in-wall AV rack. Brent over at asked for some pictures and i've been saying for a long time that I would actually post some pictures, so here they are. No door yet for the cabinet, I know how I am going to make it and what materials to use. Just not enough time yet.

In-wall AV Rack includes
  • Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 Receiver
  • Sage STX-HD100 Media Extender
  • Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Harmony One
Close Up

Back of rack

Star Sconces - From Disney's All-Star Resort

Ceiling Mounted Mitsubishi HC-1500 DLP Projector

100" 16:9 Electric drop-down screen

Transformers on Blu-ray

SageTV Server, Router, Modem, Firewall, work area, etc...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DAOS Estimator - WOW

I finally got around to running the DAOS estimator tool on our main domino server today. Below are the results.

Total DB's analyzed: 1171
Total DB's skipped due to errors: 0
Total Size of NSF's Examined: 264.7 GB
Total Attachments found: 623650
Total Duplicate Attachments found: 294805
Total DAOS Eligible Attachments: 623650
Estimated Size of DAOSified NSF's: 25.9 GB
Estimate Size of DAOS dir: 132.1 GB
Total Disk Savings: 119.3 GB

WOW, almost 50% disk savings! I guess we bought too much disk for domino last year. We have over 1tb available for domino apps.