Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lotus Notes oddities

Lotus notes is great, you can upgrade the server first without having to upgrade all your clients at the same time. We also used to be able to to upgrade the mail file design as well before upgrading the client. So far we have seen 2 issues with our upgrade to 8 and then 8.5

Issue 1.
Mail file is at 8.02, Client is on 7.x
- When the user clicks on preferences, the out of office does not show up.
upgraded the user to Notes 8.02 basic and it works just fine.

Issue 2.
Mail file was 8.5 client was 8.02
- Signatures did not work. You could turn it on and enter information into the field, it just would not work. My guess it this has something to do with the new way signatures are handled in 8.5. I just replaced the design on his file to 8.02 and all it good.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The next 8 weeks = Stress and Late nights

Here is what is on my plate for the next 8 weeks at work.

1. Re-IP the network, all locations, all devices. We are currently on a public ip range.
2. Replace the entire LAN infrastructure at all locations, moving from Dell to Foundry switches
3. Replace the entire WAN infrastructure, switching carriers at all locations
4. Train, install and cutover new IP Phone system for all locations
5. All my other day to day tasks as well

If this all goes as planned I would be shocked.

We are putting a lot of pressure on our new carrier to install on a short dead-line. Lets hope they can come through.

The best part of this, I bet most of the users won't even care.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to move Terminal Server Profiles when not an admin

Profiles can cause a lot of problems. Recently I wanted to move all the Terminal Server Profiles to a new server. Well TS is new to us and I didn't realize by default that admin's do not have access to the profile folders.

After many many attempts at trying to move the files I did the following. Backed up the profile directory with Backup Exec 12 and then restored them to a different server. I shared that folder and all is well.

I have since found out that in group policy you can change a setting that will give administrators access to the profile folders when created.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DAOS Results - Awesome

So far we have just DAOS enabled the mail files.


279 gb total

NSF's - 63b
DAOS - 108gb
Total - 171gb

Savings - 108gb or 38.7%

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DAOS Estimator v 1.2

Here is an updated estimate from version 1.2

Total DB's analyzed: 1176
Total DB's skipped due to errors: 0
Total Size of NSF's Examined: 279.0 GB
Total Attachments found: 655476
Total Duplicate Attachments found: 311463
Total Duplicate Attachments found: 655476
Estimated Size of DAOSified NSF's: 30.5 GB
Estimate Size of DAOS dir: 136.8 MB
Total Disk Savings: 124.9 GB

Estimated savings %44.76

Monday, March 2, 2009

Storm with os .109

I was about to say that os .109 was the worst one yet. It was extremely slow, would not rotate the screen, etc...

Then I removed my 8gb micro sd card and it was much improved! Rotations were fast, switching apps was fast, etc...

Over the weekend I uninstalled almost every app trying to figure out if 1 of them was causing the problem. So i will re-install most of them and see how it goes.

It seems like the phone is fine until I let the kids watch some videos in media player. After that the phone is just hosed up. I also noticed lately when I dock the phone in the optional cradle it tells me I have to format the microsd card before I can use it. Yet I can use it and everything works fine. hmmm.