Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lotus Notes oddities

Lotus notes is great, you can upgrade the server first without having to upgrade all your clients at the same time. We also used to be able to to upgrade the mail file design as well before upgrading the client. So far we have seen 2 issues with our upgrade to 8 and then 8.5

Issue 1.
Mail file is at 8.02, Client is on 7.x
- When the user clicks on preferences, the out of office does not show up.
upgraded the user to Notes 8.02 basic and it works just fine.

Issue 2.
Mail file was 8.5 client was 8.02
- Signatures did not work. You could turn it on and enter information into the field, it just would not work. My guess it this has something to do with the new way signatures are handled in 8.5. I just replaced the design on his file to 8.02 and all it good.

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