Friday, April 3, 2009

Domino Address Look-up

Since I am complaining about Notes this morning, explain this to me.

If I pick a certain group out of the domino directory called "Sales" why does it ask me when I send the email if I want "Sales" or "Denver Sales"?

I understand it is looking it up and there are 2 that are close to the same spelling.

But I freaking told you I want "Sales." If I picked "Sales" why are you asking me to pick between the 2? Don't look it up, just send it to the "Sales" group.


Recent Contacts in Lotus Notes - Stupid

There is a new feature in Lotus Notes 8.x called "Recent contacts." What it does is this.

Anyone that you send or receive an email from it takes their email address and adds it to your recent contacts.

This is a great because if I want to send an email to a vendor, I just start typing and the type-ahead just looks it up. I think it's great and use it all the time.

I have some major problems with it though.

1. It does not sync recent contact to my blackberry. This is probably a RIM thing, not notes.
2. It adds people that are in our Domino Directory to the recent contacts. Why?
3. It adds people that are in my personal address book to the recent contacts. Why?
4. It adds groups that are in the Domino Directory to the recent contacts. Why?

If they are in the Domino Directory, why the hell would I want them in the recent contacts? Type ahead just finds them.

Why oh why does it add Domino Groups to it? It causes huge problems when the group is updated in Domino.

I like the concept of recent contacts, but some of things it does it just STUPID!

Lotus please take a look at this.

And yes I know we can turn it off, but some people really like the feature.