Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do you know how to make the little guy happy? Lotus Knows.

At IAMLUG on Monday Lotus announced a new marketing campaign called Lotus Knows.

You can find more information on this campaign on Ed Brill's Blog

But that's not really what this post is about. IAMLUG was hosted in my hometown, St Louis MO. I was excited to go to this event because I have never been to a Lotusphere and there were some big Lotus names coming. For instance; Chris Miller, Paul Mooney, Gabriella Davis, Mary Beth Raven, Ed Brill, etc... I have never seen any of these people speak before except Chris Miller. I got to see them all speak except for Ed Brill.

Ed is the Director of Product Management for Lotus and was speaking about Lotus's Messaging and collaboration strategy on Monday night. I had to skip it because my Dad was in town for 1 night.

I was keeping up on the news via twitter with the #iamlug hash tag and saw interesting tweets.
Such as
curiousmitch RT @johnhead: symphony 2.0 - 1h 2010 - oo 3.x code base, odf 1.2, vb macro support, office 2007 support cont via @edbrill #IamLUG


TexasSwede Notes 8.5.1 targeted for October 6 or 7 according to @edbrill. #Iamlug


RobMcDonagh @EdBrill says 8.51 launch will be "ALL about developers" - looking forward to seeing that. #iamlug

So I posted this on Twitter.

dheinle Feeling that I missed a lot of stuff from @edbrillsession #iamlug

To which Ed replied

edbrill@dheinle I will post my presentation on slideshare in a day or two. If you need me to come back to StL, let me know.

This just blows me away, that Ed responded to me and then offered to come back t o St Louis if needed.

What is even more amazing, I work for a small company. Only 200 seats of Lotus Notes and Domino. No Quickr, No Connections, nothing. Just a basic small Notes shop and he took the time to reply. And you know I believe that Ed would come back to St Louis if needed. He just seems to be that kind of guy.

Lotus Knows. Lotus Knows how to make the little guy happy.

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