Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lotus Traveler for Android - Settings and Options

Here is a quick look at the options available on the Lotus Traveler client for android.

When you open the Notes Traveler application you will see the following screen

Or maybe this
Tap menu on your phone and tap settings, you will see the following screen.
Tap Account and you will see where you can change your password
Tap Applications and you will see all the options that are available. Most of mine are preset from the configuration on the Traveler server.

Tap Autosync and you will see this

Tap server and you will see
Tap logging to see your logging options as shown below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lotus Traveler for Android - Step by Step Client Install

I've been using the traveler client for android since the first beta came out.  It has dramatically improved and for a version 1 product it is amazing.  Here I will show you a step by step installation on a Droid Incredible running Froyo (Android 2.2)  This step by step is using the Gold code that was released to the public on December 14th, 2010.

Installing Traveler on Android is a two step process.
1. Download and install the Traveler Installer
2. From within the Traveler Installer, download and install the client.

Currently this does not officially work with AT&T phones because they do not allow "Side-Loading" or installing from sources other than the Android Market.  However you can get around this limitation by using the Sideload Wonder Machine from Android Central. You do not have to "Root" your phone or do anything illegal to use this tool. You will need the Lotus Installer APK to use the SLWM. 

1. Open your favorite Android browser and point it at your Traveler server.

2. Enter your Domino Web Username and password

3. You will see a page that looks like this.  Tap on "Configure your Android" and it will download the LotusInstaller.apk file

4. Pull down your notification bar and select "Lotusinstaller.apk" as shown below.
5. When you select the LotusInstaller.apk you will see the standard permission screen when installing applications on Android. Tap Install

You will see the following while it installs.
And you will see this when it is complete
6. Tap Open and you will see the license agreement for the Lotus installer, Tap Agree
7. Tap next to install the Lotus Traveler Client
8. Before you can download the client you need to enter your configuration information. When complete, tap Next. Again use your Domino Web username and password.
9. As soon as it authenticates you, it will start downloading the Lotus Traveler Client as shown below.
When it completes the download you are prompted with the standard permission screen for the client, as shown below.

Tap Install and you will see the following.

When it completes tap open.  You are done installing the Lotus Installer and Lotus Traveler Client.

10. The first time you open the app you are prompted to accept the security policy (Only on Android 2.2 and up)  Since I have a policy in place it is warning me that my device will require a password and that it can be remotely wiped.  Tap Activate once you have read the policy.
11. You will now see the following while it contacts the server and completes the configuration.

12. Choose your options and where to keep you data at. For faster performance keep it on the phone. Tap finish.
13. You should now see the following message.
Tap Ok.  Your Done!

Here are all the Applications that are now installed on your device for Lotus Traveler.
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Corporate Lookup - works with Directory Assistance!
  • Notes Traveler - Used to set options
  • Installer - Only used for updates

In the next installment I will go over where and how to set your options.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catastrophic data loss - Learn from our unfortunate incident

I'm on the IT committee at my children's school.  I got an email on Friday that the server had a problem and they lost all the data, even the backups.  How could this happen? They had (almost) all the pieces in place to avoid data loss.

Here is everything that was done to avoid this problem.

  • Used Enterprise grade hardware - Dell 2900 with redundant power supplies
  • Used Raid 5 - 3 disks
  • Used a battery backed raid controller - Perc 5i
  • Used a Battery backup
  • Used an external drive for backups

Well let me explain, they have been having power issues for a few weeks. We found out on Tuesday that the UPS was no longer providing battery power. We started to look for a new one, but we had not purchased one yet. So let me list how each of these safeguards failed.

  • Battery Backup - Old, did not provide adequate battery power or brown-out protection
  • Battery Backed Raid controller - Battery had gone bad and needed replaced, we didn't have the proper alerting in place to warn on this. When the server went down hard the writes stopped (no battery on controller and no battery on drives) and this caused the MFT to get fubarred. 
  • External drive for backups - power was plugged into the same UPS, it fried the external hard drive
  • Raid 5 - worked, the raid set was still in place and a drive did not fail.
  • Server - redundant power supplies plugged into the same UPS.
Several utilities were used to see if we could pull data off the drives. No luck. 

On Friday we started a re-install of SME on the server, however a decision was made to move back to Windows and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to accomplish this.

Here are the steps we are taking to avoid total data loss in the future.
  • Order new Raid controller battery
  • New UPS - a used one has already replaced the defective one
  • Local Backup drive plugged into a different UPS
  • Off-site backup, some thing like Carbonite Pro
In my 12 years working in the Enterprise I have never had so many things go wrong at once or permanently lost data. (knock, knock)  Hopefully the new plan we put in place will avoid this from happening again.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lotus Notes make a great VCF editor

Since I have really started to play around with Android and making lots of changes in lots of places, I screwed something up. My contacts. I needed a way to fix and organize them.

My incredible has a nice app called "People" that allows me to see contacts from all my google accounts, facebook and lotus traveler account. It also allows me to import and export contacts via VCF file.

Here is a list of things I did to fix my contacts.
  • Exported contacts to a vcf file on the phone
  • Created a new local personal address book called tempnames.nsf
  • Imported the VCF file into the new tempnames.nsf
  • Edited all the contacts, deleted dups, cleaned them up, etc.
  • Went to local names.nsf - Deleted all the contacts
  • Replicated to the server copy, made sure they were all gone
  • Copied all the contacts from tempnames.nsf to names.nsf
  • Replicated with the server and made sure they were ok
  • Checked phone for correct contacts
  • Done!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

CollabU - Recap

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Collaboration University in Chicago. It's a training event organized by Rob Novak over at SNAPPS. If featured a lot of great speakers including the guys from Snapps, Gab Davis, Chris Miller and Carl Tyler. It was located at the IBM Innovation center in downtown Chicago.

Since we are just starting down the Quickr / Sametime path I thought it would be a great place to learn and see what others are doing with the products. Well I was not disappointed, several customers are doing things with Quickr I never dreamed of. It obvious to me that once you have Quickr it grows like a wild fire. I am also surprised (guess I shouldn't be) how scalable Quickr is. A certain customer has 1 quickr server with 1400 places that serves users all over the world. The admin states they don't have any performance issues either, thats great to hear.

I learned a lot about Sametime 8.5.1 which was great since we are still using Sametime Entry at my company. I learned that moving to Sametime Advanced 8.5 in house for our small organization (200 users) really isn't feasible. Minimum 4 servers, multiple installs, multiple versions of websphere, etc... I am so glad that I now understand what is needed and I can make a better recommendation to our organization. LotusLive meetings is looking pretty good right now.

I really enjoyed the "SUT vs TCSPI" session, it gave me the info I needed to discuss some issues with my PBX vendor.

Overall it was a great event. I learned a lot. It was small, smaller than I expected but that was ok. I landed up sitting next to the same people a lot and our conversations would continue from day to day.

New this year is a campus website that will have all the materials for all the alumni. I look forward to the site coming on line and continuing the discussions with other attendees.

On a side note I rode Amtrak for the first time, from St Louis to Chicago. It was a great experience, cheap, relaxing and mostly on time. This is now my go to transportation for trips to Chicago. If you've never used Amtrak before, I suggest you check them out.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Collaboration University 2010!

What whatever reason the company I work for never seems to see value in Lotus training. I have asked repeatedly for several years to go to Lotusphere and have been told no every time.

Since we have started a Quickr pilot, I have brought up Collaboration University several times and they either finally saw value in training or got sick of me asking.

So I will be in Chicago September 26th-29th attending CollabU and couldn't be happier. I am excited to see what the possibilities are with Quickr and Sametime.

Are you attending? Let me know, i'd like to network as much as possible.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Backup and Restore for Android

Froyo is finally available for the Incredible. Before I upgrade to 2.2 I want to wipe my phone and try to get HTC mail to work with out Lotus Traveler 8.5.2 server. Currently it will connect and download all my content, however when I try to open an email, the mail app force closes. I want to see if a clean wipe will make it work with the stock mail client.

This will probably be a painful process and I am sure I will lose some data along the way. However as an IT Pro who supports these devices I fell like I need to take the jump and see how the process works.

How will I do this?
Download and install MyBackup from the Android Market. This will allow you to backup all your apps and app data to your SD card or on-line.

Step 1. Backup all data with MyBackup
Step 2. Perform a Hard Reset
Step 3. Run the setup wizard
Step 4. Testing HTC mail client with Lotus Traveler 8.5.2
*** It does NOT work *** Still force closes when trying to open an email
Step 5. Wiping phone again
Step 6. Upgrade to Froyo
Step 7. Run Setup Wizard
Step 8. Testing HTC mail client with Lotus Traveler 8.5.2
*** It still does NOT work *** Still force closes when trying to open an email - arghh
Step 9. Setup Google account and download MyBackup from the market
Step 10. Restore Apps from MyBackup, It's kind of nice that you select all the apps to restore and then it makes you "install" them just to double check that you want them.
Step 11. Restore PhoneData from MyBackup -- Just realized I probably lost all app data
Step 12. Activate phone again by dialing *228 option 1
Step 13. Play with mobile hotpsot and 720p video recording

Next up, Setting up touchdown and the traveler client to see what works and what doesn't.

Friday, July 30, 2010

TV Out Cable for the Incredible

Here are some pictures of content from the HTC Incredible on to a 55" LCD. As you can see it looks pretty good, but the 800x480 resolution of the Incredible really takes it' toll on a screen this big.

Ratatouille encoded with h .264

Citrix Receiver menu

Lotus Notes via Citrix from my Incredible

Circuit Board Live Wallpaper

The Actual cable

Any questions let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hyundai and iOS4 issues

Do you have a Hyundai with a built-in USB port for iPod's and upgraded to iOS4 yesterday? There is a small problem you might want to be aware of. I have a 2009 Sonata limited with the Infinity stereo. Connecting my iPod (3rd gen 64gb) has never given me a problem, until today.

I updated my iPod to iOS4 yesterday and plugged it in this morning to listen to some podcasts. At first I got an error message on the stereo that said "Connection failed" I then looked at the iPod and saw the "This accessory was not made to work with iPod" error message. Great I thought. I listened to podcasts everyday, if this doesn't work I'm willing to go back to iPhone OS 3.1.3 or just switch to my Incredible and use the line-input the stereo also has.

All I did was unlock the iPod and it connected to the stereo with no problem, all the stereo controls continued to control the iPod just fine. However when I stopped to get gas I had to go through the same procedure. Not a big deal but annoying and something I hope Apple fixes in 4.0.1 or whatever.

Besides that I went from 10 screens of apps down to 3 with the use of folders.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Geekday 2010 St Louis

Today I am attending Geekday presented by world wide technologies in St Louis. I am trying to blog from my iPod touch, so let's see how this goes.

First up is the swag. It's good. They have included a nice backpack, waterbottle, USB powered night light, a nice spirl bound notebook, a couple of pens, agenda, marketing material and the all important "I love vmware" bumper sticker. Maybe I'll put it in my office next to the "tape sucks" bumper sticker from data domain.

Running late it looks like, supposed to start at 8, it almost 8:30.

Listening to president of WWT give his speall. Scott Miller is now on stage explaining geekday.

This years theme is gods. Geeks on demand.

They are doing session feedback via SMS. Very interesting, maybe lotus can learn something here.

I love that this is a private (information) event. No sales pitches unless you ask.

Huge lab downstairs, this IS a hands on event.

These guys have a great sense of humor. I love the introductions.

Chris black is now on stage. WWT really is worldwide, huh. Going over there capabilities, sounds impressive. They are a huge cisco shop.

Opening session done, on to the breakouts.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lotus Notes has viewers!

This is something that I always forget about. Lotus Notes has built in viewers for a lot of document types. I was trying to view and print a multi page TIFF file and the windows print wizard kept rotating the document to print it. I viewed it inside notes and printed it. Work perfectly.

Monday, January 11, 2010

BES and Traveler on the same box?

Can you run a Blackberry Professional Server and Traveler on the same box?

Yes, and it works great.

I installed Domino, installed Blackberry Professional software and then installed Lotus Traveler.

Seems to be working just fine. However there are only a few users on the entire system.

It works great for a small shop.

Oh and it's running in a VM on Lotus Foundations.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Need to run windows apps on foundations? It's free and easy!

I love Lotus Foundations. It's a great product and we are using it successfully for a new project.

However we still have some apps that only run on windows. For example our estimating system requires a USB dongle for security purposes, which only runs on windows. We also need to run a separate Blackberry and Lotus Traveler server for this project. Also only windows.

Enter Lotus Foundations Run add-on.

Like all foundations add-ons it super easy to install, just in 2 parts.

First download and install Lotus Foundations Run add-on. Second download and install the VMware server add-on. Make sure they are the same build numbers or VMware will not install.

Once that is done simply go to the web interface of your foundations box on port 8222. For example http://server1:8222 and you will see the login for VMware server.

From there it's the familiar web interface for VMware server. Just create a new VMware machine like usual. Once that is done run your windows apps on it.

You can get the Add-ons from the Lotus Foundations site at