Friday, January 8, 2010

Need to run windows apps on foundations? It's free and easy!

I love Lotus Foundations. It's a great product and we are using it successfully for a new project.

However we still have some apps that only run on windows. For example our estimating system requires a USB dongle for security purposes, which only runs on windows. We also need to run a separate Blackberry and Lotus Traveler server for this project. Also only windows.

Enter Lotus Foundations Run add-on.

Like all foundations add-ons it super easy to install, just in 2 parts.

First download and install Lotus Foundations Run add-on. Second download and install the VMware server add-on. Make sure they are the same build numbers or VMware will not install.

Once that is done simply go to the web interface of your foundations box on port 8222. For example http://server1:8222 and you will see the login for VMware server.

From there it's the familiar web interface for VMware server. Just create a new VMware machine like usual. Once that is done run your windows apps on it.

You can get the Add-ons from the Lotus Foundations site at

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