Monday, October 4, 2010

Lotus Notes make a great VCF editor

Since I have really started to play around with Android and making lots of changes in lots of places, I screwed something up. My contacts. I needed a way to fix and organize them.

My incredible has a nice app called "People" that allows me to see contacts from all my google accounts, facebook and lotus traveler account. It also allows me to import and export contacts via VCF file.

Here is a list of things I did to fix my contacts.
  • Exported contacts to a vcf file on the phone
  • Created a new local personal address book called tempnames.nsf
  • Imported the VCF file into the new tempnames.nsf
  • Edited all the contacts, deleted dups, cleaned them up, etc.
  • Went to local names.nsf - Deleted all the contacts
  • Replicated to the server copy, made sure they were all gone
  • Copied all the contacts from tempnames.nsf to names.nsf
  • Replicated with the server and made sure they were ok
  • Checked phone for correct contacts
  • Done!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

CollabU - Recap

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Collaboration University in Chicago. It's a training event organized by Rob Novak over at SNAPPS. If featured a lot of great speakers including the guys from Snapps, Gab Davis, Chris Miller and Carl Tyler. It was located at the IBM Innovation center in downtown Chicago.

Since we are just starting down the Quickr / Sametime path I thought it would be a great place to learn and see what others are doing with the products. Well I was not disappointed, several customers are doing things with Quickr I never dreamed of. It obvious to me that once you have Quickr it grows like a wild fire. I am also surprised (guess I shouldn't be) how scalable Quickr is. A certain customer has 1 quickr server with 1400 places that serves users all over the world. The admin states they don't have any performance issues either, thats great to hear.

I learned a lot about Sametime 8.5.1 which was great since we are still using Sametime Entry at my company. I learned that moving to Sametime Advanced 8.5 in house for our small organization (200 users) really isn't feasible. Minimum 4 servers, multiple installs, multiple versions of websphere, etc... I am so glad that I now understand what is needed and I can make a better recommendation to our organization. LotusLive meetings is looking pretty good right now.

I really enjoyed the "SUT vs TCSPI" session, it gave me the info I needed to discuss some issues with my PBX vendor.

Overall it was a great event. I learned a lot. It was small, smaller than I expected but that was ok. I landed up sitting next to the same people a lot and our conversations would continue from day to day.

New this year is a campus website that will have all the materials for all the alumni. I look forward to the site coming on line and continuing the discussions with other attendees.

On a side note I rode Amtrak for the first time, from St Louis to Chicago. It was a great experience, cheap, relaxing and mostly on time. This is now my go to transportation for trips to Chicago. If you've never used Amtrak before, I suggest you check them out.