Monday, October 4, 2010

Lotus Notes make a great VCF editor

Since I have really started to play around with Android and making lots of changes in lots of places, I screwed something up. My contacts. I needed a way to fix and organize them.

My incredible has a nice app called "People" that allows me to see contacts from all my google accounts, facebook and lotus traveler account. It also allows me to import and export contacts via VCF file.

Here is a list of things I did to fix my contacts.
  • Exported contacts to a vcf file on the phone
  • Created a new local personal address book called tempnames.nsf
  • Imported the VCF file into the new tempnames.nsf
  • Edited all the contacts, deleted dups, cleaned them up, etc.
  • Went to local names.nsf - Deleted all the contacts
  • Replicated to the server copy, made sure they were all gone
  • Copied all the contacts from tempnames.nsf to names.nsf
  • Replicated with the server and made sure they were ok
  • Checked phone for correct contacts
  • Done!

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