Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lotus Traveler for Android - Settings and Options

Here is a quick look at the options available on the Lotus Traveler client for android.

When you open the Notes Traveler application you will see the following screen

Or maybe this
Tap menu on your phone and tap settings, you will see the following screen.
Tap Account and you will see where you can change your password
Tap Applications and you will see all the options that are available. Most of mine are preset from the configuration on the Traveler server.

Tap Autosync and you will see this

Tap server and you will see
Tap logging to see your logging options as shown below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lotus Traveler for Android - Step by Step Client Install

I've been using the traveler client for android since the first beta came out.  It has dramatically improved and for a version 1 product it is amazing.  Here I will show you a step by step installation on a Droid Incredible running Froyo (Android 2.2)  This step by step is using the Gold code that was released to the public on December 14th, 2010.

Installing Traveler on Android is a two step process.
1. Download and install the Traveler Installer
2. From within the Traveler Installer, download and install the client.

Currently this does not officially work with AT&T phones because they do not allow "Side-Loading" or installing from sources other than the Android Market.  However you can get around this limitation by using the Sideload Wonder Machine from Android Central. You do not have to "Root" your phone or do anything illegal to use this tool. You will need the Lotus Installer APK to use the SLWM. 

1. Open your favorite Android browser and point it at your Traveler server.

2. Enter your Domino Web Username and password

3. You will see a page that looks like this.  Tap on "Configure your Android" and it will download the LotusInstaller.apk file

4. Pull down your notification bar and select "Lotusinstaller.apk" as shown below.
5. When you select the LotusInstaller.apk you will see the standard permission screen when installing applications on Android. Tap Install

You will see the following while it installs.
And you will see this when it is complete
6. Tap Open and you will see the license agreement for the Lotus installer, Tap Agree
7. Tap next to install the Lotus Traveler Client
8. Before you can download the client you need to enter your configuration information. When complete, tap Next. Again use your Domino Web username and password.
9. As soon as it authenticates you, it will start downloading the Lotus Traveler Client as shown below.
When it completes the download you are prompted with the standard permission screen for the client, as shown below.

Tap Install and you will see the following.

When it completes tap open.  You are done installing the Lotus Installer and Lotus Traveler Client.

10. The first time you open the app you are prompted to accept the security policy (Only on Android 2.2 and up)  Since I have a policy in place it is warning me that my device will require a password and that it can be remotely wiped.  Tap Activate once you have read the policy.
11. You will now see the following while it contacts the server and completes the configuration.

12. Choose your options and where to keep you data at. For faster performance keep it on the phone. Tap finish.
13. You should now see the following message.
Tap Ok.  Your Done!

Here are all the Applications that are now installed on your device for Lotus Traveler.
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Corporate Lookup - works with Directory Assistance!
  • Notes Traveler - Used to set options
  • Installer - Only used for updates

In the next installment I will go over where and how to set your options.