Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm going to Lotusphere!

I've been wanting to attend Lotusphere for about 10 years now. For several reasons it has never worked out. I've always felt like there is so much our organization doesn't know about notes and it would be valuable to attend.

The last couple of years have been better thanks to Chris Miller's and Carl Tyler's site and all the users on twitter using the lsxx hash tags.

Even though I asked again this year to attend I didn't expect to be going. I'm not the domino guy, well right now we don't even have a domino person. So even though I love the lotus brand and all the products it's not really my main focus at work.

Anyways I am extremely excited to finally be attending a Lotusphere and also a little scared.

I am probably more prepared that most first timers. I've been listening to a lot of lotus podcasts and they give tips for Lotusphere. Podcasts like, idonotes, takingnotes, this week in lotus, the Lotusphere podcast and some others.

So I need some more tips. I managed to get a room at the Dolphin and I've already heard to bring comfortable shoes.

What else does a first timer need to know?

Thanks for the help.

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