Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Post- Theme Park Ticket Prices

This post has nothing technical about it, but for some reason I feel the need to vent.  Theme park ticket prices have always been expensive, but as I look at buying tickets for an upcoming trip I am horrified at the cost.  My biggest complaint is the cost per age group. A 3yr old costs $79 for 1 day at Disney, while an Adult is $85 a day.  I could go on and on about this, but here is my suggestion to increase customer satisfaction and increase park attendance.

Ages 0-5 - Free, end of story
Ages 6-16 - Junior Price 50% of Adult ticket
Ages 17-59 - Adult - Full Price, i'm ok with that.
Ages 60+ - Senior, again a 50% price cut off an adult ticket

Disney, do you have any idea how many more families would come if the little ones were free for longer?  We still need to feed and buy gifts for our little ones and I am sure we would come more often.  I highly doubt Disney would lose any money at all by raising the free limit to 5.

Disney considers you an adult at age 10.  Seriously 10?  This one aggravates me the most. If tickets were cheaper for this age range I am sure we would start bringing friends along on vacation, increasing attendance.

Adult prices, I'm ok with the price, not the age range.

Seniors - Again, if you make them cheaper our parents are more likely to tag along.  Most grand parents I know can't handle day after day full day in the parks anyways , but they want to go and experience it with the grand kids. I bet they spend half as much time in the parks anyways, so why not charge them less?  Again they still need to eat and buy gifts while in the parks.

For our family of 5 (2 Adults, 3 kids)

2 days at Disney $801 - No park hopper, no water parks
2 days at Universal $597 - no park hopper

Unbelievable. Don't get me started on food prices.....

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