Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kia Soul tech

In order to "Evacuate" NYC before Irene hit we rented a car.  We got a Kia Soul for Budget. A huge thanks to Budget for not screwing me on a last minute, one-way rental at 8pm on a Friday night.  It took over 2 hours to wait in line and get a car with a full tank of gas. I wasn't picky and took whatever they gave me. I really wanted the new Focus I saw sitting outside, but I wasn't going to ask for favors by the time they got me a car.

I noticed on Saturday that the Kia had Bluetooth, USB and Aux inputs.  Here is what worked and what didn't.  

I tried to pair my phone while driving and it gave me an error message something like "Not Available, car in motion."  I could not get out of this screen until we stopped the car. We could not even listen to the radio, it muted the sound when I went into the setup menu and would not exit until I stopped.

After we stopped I paired my Incredible just fine, fired up Google music and streamed music across PA on I-80. It worked well until I got into some 1X coverage areas, the music started skipping and randomly replaying tracks we already listened to.

Since we had to call Southwest to re-book our flights I also got to use the hands-free speaker phone. It worked OK, but at 80+ MPH there is A LOT of wind noise in the Soul. It was hard to hear even with the volume turned up all the way. The lady at Southwest even asked to be taken off of speakerphone, she was having a hard time hearing me as well. I guess I could have slowed down. Nah, we had flights to catch!

USB connection 
  • For my wife's iPhone this would do nothing. No Sync, no audio and would not even charge it. In the Hyundai's you need a special cable that uses the Aux AND USB to get an iPhone to work. I guess we needed that cable to make it work.
  • It charged the Incredible just fine, didn't try USB disk mode because of Bluetooth.
Aux Connection
We didn't use this at all since Bluetooth worked so well for audio.

Oh and we got almost 30mpg out of it as well. 

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Carol said...

Bluetooth in my Mercury Milan works the same way - will not let you do anything while in motion and blanks out radio until stopped if you try.