Sunday, August 28, 2011

Too many chargers!

As we were packing for our romantic get away to NYC last week my wife said. "You know, most people take more clothes than chargers on vacation!"  Yes it is true, I took a lot of chargers with me. I rely way too heavily on mobile tech and I was worried about running out of power on the go. We went to NYC for 2 nights last week (we had to leave early because of a hurricane or something.)  Here is the list of tech we took with us.


  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 2 wi-fi / Verizon
  • Sony DSLR with 1 lens, extra battery, extra CF card, External Flash, 8 AA's
  • Droid Incredible (Running Cyanogenmod 7)
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Verizon LTE MiFi
  • Canon ELPH 300HS (I just bought this because I can't find my Canon SX210is. Turns out Canon released new models last week, so this one is getting returned.)
Chargers taken
Things we never used on this trip
  • Spare DLSR Battery, Spare CF Card, DSLR Charger, Flash Charger
  • Spare Canon Battery, Canon Charger
Things I used all the time
  • Portable battery charger
  • iGo Charge Anywhere
So is that TOO much tech / chargers for a weekend getaway?  I'd like to say it is, but I think it's kind of normal for us now.  I wonder if there are better solutions?  What is everybody else using to charge multiple device while traveling?

More tech posts are coming for this trip, things like. Verizon Coverage in NYC, carrying  multiple devices each day, what worked / what doesn't etc...

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Unknown said...

I tend to take a ton of charging cords, but really only take my iPad charger and the Belkin with USB. That gives me 3 charging stations, for all my USB chargeable devices. Only exception to that is my charger for the Canon 7D, and the charger for my 11000ma battery pack, because for some reason they couldn't use a USB port for charging.