Friday, September 23, 2011

When a Lotus Traveler user deletes an item on their device it does not delete on the server

Since we have had a lot of users switch from Blackberries to iPhones lately we have been running into this scenario.  A user deletes a bunch of emails on their new iPhone, comes into the office and they are all still in the inbox.  Looks like it's an easy fix.  Check the ACL of the users mail file and make sure LocalDomainServers is listed as a Server Group and has the ability to delete documents. Of course make sure your traveler server is in the LocalDomainServer group.



Looks like this only effected user accounts that were created in the year 2000. Not sure if we did this on purpose back then, or it was just a 4.5 ish issue.

 I am shocked that most people didn't even complain about this. Well I guess I shouldn't be.