Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Should I attend Lotusphere 2012?

Lotusphere is one of those things that has escaped me for a long time. I have wanted to go for about the last 10 years.  I finally had the chance to go last year and it was everything I had hoped it to be.  I figured it was one of those once in a career things for me and I took advantage of all the pre and post session meetings, BOF's, speed geeking, This week in Lotus Live recording, etc...  

Several people I know say you don't need to go every year if your an admin, the admin stuff doesn't change that much. I was OK with that when I was more of an Admin / Engineer.

Well my position has changed, I am now the IT Manager. I really wanted to send another person on my team in 2012.  However, he really has no desire to go to a HUGE conference like Lotusphere, and honestly would probably get overwhelmed.

I will be lucky if I get to attend another major conference like this in 2012.  Do I go back to Lotusphere? It's going to be the "On" year, with big announcements around Notes Next, right?

Or, since I am responsible for all aspects of IT, do I look for another conference to attend in 2012?  Something like VMWorld or Citrix Synergy? 

 I really loved the energy and excitement at Lotusphere, you can tell these people really love the product. 

Thanks for any input.

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