Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Compellent to Nimble Day 1 – Install and Update

Today was kind of a anti-climatic.  The Nimble’s were supposed to arrive by 10:30, they didn’t arrive until 3pm.
We waited all day for them to arrive, once they did it was go time.
In 1 hour we had both array’s unboxed, racked, stacked, cabled and powered up.
Two Nimble CS240’s and a Dual Series 30 Compellent with 2 shelves of disks.
The cabling looks terrible, but that’s temporary for the DR array to seed data.
Within 2 hours of these array’s arriving they we racked with an initial config and upgraded to version 1.4
Tomorrow we will get into the VMWare setup, create some volumes, protection policies, replication schedules, etc…

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