Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VMWare maximum VMDK file size with snapshots

Here is a problem we recently ran into with our new Nimble install.

We did our research, we asked the questions, we looked up VMWare KB articles and Nimble best practices guide.  Everything we read said the maximum file size is 2TB minus 512bytes.  Even VMWare support told us this.

This is all true, UNLESS you want to snapshot the machine that has that VMDK associated to it.

Then the maximum VMDK file size is 1.9845TB. To be safe we now make VMDK's 1.98tb.

This was very very frustrating for us because the error message VMware was throwing was not descriptive at all.  We were getting this.

File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore '

What was also extremely frustrating is that we called Vmware several times on this issue and no one really knew the answer until is was escalated up the chain. We were told repeatedly that we should be able to take a snapshot on a 1.99tb vmdk.

Here is the Vmware KB article they sent us explaining the problem.  

Things like this really make me question using VMWare and paying for premium support with them.  In my opinion this should have been resolved in less than 30 minutes, not 6 hours.

Once the Nimble install is done, I'll start looking at Hyper-V in 2012 and see what it offers.  XenServer has too many problems to replace VMWare in my environment.

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