Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nimble 3 years later...

A long time ago, in a not so distant IT department I used to blog a lot.  Not sure what happened, but it's been way too long since my last post.

I still get questions about our Compellent to Nimble move and since it's been over 3 years I think it needs an update.

Q. Is Nimble really as good as they claim?
A. For us, Yes!  It works awesome, just set it and forget it.  There is no tweaking volumes or RAID levels or disk sets or anything.  For us, in an all VMWare iSCSI environment it works great.

Q. What kind of compression do you see with Nimble?
A. Right now we are seeing 25% compression on the primary volumes and 2X compression on the snapshots.

Q. Does it work well with Lotus Notes?
A. Yes, in fact our #1 volume for cache usage is our Domino volumes

Q. Are you seriously still on Lotus Notes
A. Yes, for now.

Q. Have you have any hardware issues?
A. Yes, we have had 1 Disk fail, several controllers and even had to replace the chassis because an LED wasn't working.

Q. Are you scared because of all the hardware failures?
A. It's not that many failures and No.  Everything is redundant and we have not had any downtime because of the Nimble.

Q. Are snapshots as awesome as they say?
A. Yes, yes they are.  We currently have over 4,000 snapshots and use this as our primary backup method.

Q. Does replication work efficiently?
A. Yes! This is the number 1 reason we choose Nimble.  Snapshots and replication is awesome.

Q. Does Nimble support SRM?
A. Yes it does, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Q. Why don't you like SRM?
A. For us, SRM was an unreliable, time sucking POS solution.

Q. Ok, what do you use instead of SRM?
A. We switched to Zerto and are loving it.  Switching from SRM to Zerto was like switching from Compellent to Nimble.  It just works and you don't have to think about it.

Q. After 3 years are you looking to replace it?
A. No, in fact we are looking at upgrading it.

Q. How easy it is to upgrade cache?
A. Not sure, but we will be doing so soon.

Q. How easy is it to add an expansion shelf?
A. Not sure, but we will be doing so soon.

Any other questions?  Post a comment and I will try to answer them.

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